what a lucky coincidence

what a lucky coincidence

A lucky coincidence happened to me today. As my old shoes were already on the edge of becoming reverse flip-flops I bought a new pair of runners today.

Well by chance on the very same day my engine explodes on the Autobahn. So I’ll probably need my shoes a lot more now :(

And on that note I want to really praise the ÖAMTC. Everything worked flawlessly and help was quick and competent. As soon as it was clear that my car wasn’t going to move within the next few hours I was immediately offered a replacement car to continue my journey. I was ferried to the next base and was on my way back to Hagenberg within the next half an hour. The whole ordeal took about an hour and a half from engine failure to engine restart on a ‘Clubmobil’.

So if you are Austrian and own a car and are not yet member of the ÖAMTC (which probably is a very small percentage of my readers but anyway…) consider to join. It really is worth its money (if you drive a temperamental car like mine).

In other news does anyone want to buy a slightly used VW Polo? Ran last time I checked it.