Transferring an .at domain

Transferring an .at domain

I have played around a lot with domains so far. But now, for the first time, I tried to transfer a .at domain from somebody else to me.

At first, everything worked like you would expect for a domain transfer to work; open transfer request, enter auth code, wait a bit, update the whois, done.

But then, I noticed that only half of the whois was updated; the name and organisation of the previous owner was still shown. I searched around a bit and found out that .at domains are transferred in retro style,

My registrar offers the following document. In this document, which is not forms enabled so you have to fiddle in the details via annotations, you need to enter the details of the previous and future owner of the domain. Finally, both need to sign this document, which then needs to be mailed or faxed to the registrar, who presumably will forward it directly to There, somebody will probably parse the document by hand and enter the details manually into some database.

Feels old school, doesn't it? Why would you even consider using automation for that?