that's peanuts... or is it?

One word: Unsalted peanuts. Why are they so hard to get?
Back when I did my little road trip to Scotland I decided we needed unsalted peanuts. The upsides are clear: they’re not salty and as such you can eat a lot of them without needing a truckload of water. Also your fingers won’t get all greasy and as such your beautiful leather steering wheel won’t look like a cinema seat after a bad B-Movie.
But in the whole of bloody Britain we found only one (1!) shop which carried unsalted peanuts. They were a lot more expensive, the package was smaller than the salted ones and it wasn’t a reopen able can like most salted peanuts. No, it was a bloody rip-open plastic bag. Who eats a whole bag of peanuts? Probably someone who doesn’t want to go on the toilet for a week but that someone isn’t me. Stupid me even decided to put them in my jacket. I sometimes still find peanuts in it!
It wouldn’t even be hard to do unsalted peanuts. I mean it would even be easier to do than the salted one. Just don’t salt them, package them up and done.