party culture

I should do a blgof about this fucking stuff. This is quite horrendous. Drunken guy explaining his ruined relationship. Everyone smoking Shots for everyone Shouting, fucking shouting Everyone eating food in a fucking bed
Konstantin Papesh, drunk, 2016

I don’t understand party culture in Austria (or anywhere else). Or more like partying when you have nothing to celebrate. Why would you go out every weekend and burn money? I myself understand that everyone craves some social gathering but I enjoy that much more while sitting in a bar drinking a beer or two than to stand in line for a club, pay half my wallet to just get into it and then to be blasted with some remixes of some songs I can listen for free on Spotify. You can’t talk to each other as the music is too loud so you resort to gesturing and drinking overpriced cocktails with fancy names. But smart teenagers already found out how to not max out your credit card in one evening: predrinking. Mostly done at home or sometimes at bars. But why not just stay there for crying out loud. I almost always enjoyed predrinks more than the rest of the evening. Everyone is still mostly sober (except the really nasty cases) so you can still have a somewhat decent conversation with people. Also people why do you eat in bed? It leaves breadcrumbs and everything in your bed!