how did I get here?

Well let me tell ya folks how I got here. It all started back in 2005 when I was still in the Volksschule. Just recently we got a modern marvel of engineering; a PC in the back of the class. It worked more or less flawlessly but one day that changed.

One by one the class trickled to the PC trying to fix the problem. As I was busy I didn’t notice the commotion at first so when I arrived at the PC the whole class was already standing around it with a puzzled teacher typing various passwords on the keyboard fueled by suggestions of the class. But every single one failed, no matter the punctuation or number at the end. After spectating for a while I decided to ask if I may help. I sat in front of the PC, stretched my fingers and hit a single key. ‘CAPS LOCK’. After that I typed in the password every PC on the whole campus used. As I hit enter and the desktop appeared an audible gasp emerged from the crowd. Everyone was astounded how someone can understand a PC at such a level. I remember one of my classmates telling me:

One day you’ll be a computer expert, I know it!
Some classmate, 2005

Now I’m sitting here, one year into my bachelor degree course in Software Engineering and five years of electronics and technical informatics schooling behind me.

I guess I really took that statement to heart.