my stupidest purchase

my stupidest purchase

Admittedly, it was the right thing to do; you should never do schwarzfahren. However, how I was presented with the chance of me being checked were so remarkable that I labelled it my stupidest purchase for a long time.

It was after a party in the depth of Tyrol, namely Area 47. It was 03:30, one of the loneliest train stops you can imagine and still, my (hopefully) drunken Me decided to purchase a ticket for the trip. It was only when I took the ticket, and a twice-as-much drunken gentleman remarked, seeing through the haze of alcohol, "you...rea..really think somebody's going..go..going to check us?!?".

And he was right. While it may have been morally right, the money for the ticket was undoubtedly wasted.

But now, this moment surpassed my inability to read security notices. I was travelling by plane and decided that I still needed sunscreen. So I bought a beautiful 200ml bottle. Within a mere hour, this unopened bottle reached its final destination in the Vienna International Airport security checkpoint bin.

May it rest in peace; we had a beautiful time while it lasted.